First Tabernacle Beth El, Washington DC

First Tabernacle Beth El, Washington DC

Church of God and Saints of Christ

Rabbi Marcus L. Carr, Local Pastor
401 New York Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001
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About the Pastor

Innovative, conscience, and cutting edge are some of the words often used to describe Rabbi Marcus Lorenzo Carr. Marcus Carr was born on August 2, 1963 to Lorenzo and Leah Irvin Carr in Salisbury, Maryland. He graduated from Chesapeake College, Wye Mill, MD in 1984. He attended Washington Biblical College, Lanham, MD from 1984-1990. In 1997, he received a certification in Criminal Law from George Washington University, Washington D.C. He was ordained to the ministry on April 21, 1987 at the age of 23 and was appointed local pastor of Seventh Tabernacle Beth-EL, Salisbury, Maryland, by Rabbi Levi Solomon Plummer.

On April 14, 2003, Elder Carr was appointed pastor of First Tabernacle Beth-EL, Washington D.C. In November of 2011 he started an outreach program, “Deeds of Kindness.” The program was conceived as a way for a small group of concerned individuals of the Shaw community to provide assistance to those in need, during difficult times. Understanding and internalizing the phrase, “together we stand, divided we fall”, we currently operate out of the historic edifice of First Tabernacle Beth-El, Church of God and Saints of Christ, located in the heart of downtown D.C. at 401 New York Avenue, NW.

The year of 2003 proved to be an exciting one for Elder Carr. He was raised to the office of Rabbi on October 13, 2003, by the then Chief Rabbi, Jehu A. Crowdy, Jr. In response to this elevation, the choir sang “Won’t That Be A Joyful Time.”

On August 3, 2008, Rabbi Carr, received additional responsibility; he was appointed local pastor of First Tabernacle Beth-EL, Philadelphia, PA by Rabbi Jehu A. Crowdy, Jr. This assignment lasted into 2015. Under Rabbi Carr’s leadership, the congregation’s membership increased and plans were put in place to start a new business venture.

Rabbi Marcus L. Carr, serves under the leadership of Chief Rabbi Phillip E. McNeil, Suffolk VA. He and his family reside in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Rabbi Carr is a true believer in liberty and freedom for all mankind. He is steadfast to the congregation’s mission of seeking and saving lost souls.