First Tabernacle Beth El, Washington DC

First Tabernacle Beth El, Washington DC

Church of God and Saints of Christ

Rabbi Marcus L. Carr, Local Pastor
401 New York Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001
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History of the Tabernacle

One of the historic and salient moments in the rich and storied history of the Church of God and Saints of Christ was indelibly etched in time on August 22, 1906. After founding a successful tabernacle in 1901, our re-establisher, William S. Crowdy,  purchased our current building on that same day, August 22, 1906.  Located at 401 New York Avenue, NW, he knew this would be a place destined for greatness. In this city and in this very building, he found peace and soon thereafter, affectionately named this place “Jerusalem”. He preached and brought souls to God and we are honored and privileged today to be able to enjoy our services, fellowship, and aid suffering humanity in the same edifice.

Formally known as Fletcher Chapel, the edifice is now over 150 years old and is one of the oldest buildings in the nation’s capital. This building, renovated, restored and expanded, was re-dedicated on May 20, 2001 and it is the last remaining building owned by our religious organization that was purchased by the Prophet. Many historical events took place before his purchase of this building in 1906 and many historic events continued thereafter.

We count it as a blessing and an honor to have had every Leader walk the sacred pulpit of this “spiritual citadel”.  We vow to preserve this edifice so that future generations may also share in the blessing. We thank God for the blessing, Prophet William S. Crowdy for the vision, and Rabbi Levi S. Plummer, GFA (Grand Father Abraham) for the command to research and unearth the historic value of this building.  We thank our former leader Rabbi Jehu A. Crowdy, Jr. GFA for his prayers and support and our current leader Chief Rabbi Phillip E. McNeil for his vision, direction, and encouragement.

 Local Pastors of First Tabernacle Washington, D.C.

  • Evangelist J.W. Dickerson 1901-1904
  • Elder Oliver Tyler 1904-1934
  • Rabbi Howard Z. Plummer 1934-1935
  • Bishop Robert N. Butler 1935-1961
  • Evangelist A.M. Williamson 1962-1975
  • Rabbi Jesse M. Monroe 1975-1991
  • Rabbi Lloyd G. Smith 1991-2003
  • Rabbi Marcus L. Carr 2003-present